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VOL. 4 (2) - SPRING 2010              Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief  (pp. 101-102)


Russian Energy Politics and the EU: How to Change the Paradigm  (pp. 103-111)
by Vladimer Papava & Michael Tokmazishvili

Authoritarianism and Foreign Policy: The Twin Pillars of Resurgent Russia  (pp. 112-125)
by Luke Chambers

The Georgia Crisis: A New Cold War on the Horizon?  (pp. 126-144)
by Houman A. Sadri & Nathan L. Burns

Enforceability of a Common Energy Supply Security Policy in the EU: Intergovernmentalist Assesement  (pp. 145-158)
by Eda Kusku

“Assembling” a Civic Nation in Kazakhstan: The Nation-Building Role of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan  (pp. 159-168)
by Nathan Paul Jones

Climbing the Mountain of Languages: Language Learning in Georgia  (pp. 169-183)
by Hans Gutbrod and Malte Viefhues, CRRC


New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus  (pp. 184-186)
by Fareed Shafee


“Dramatic changes in the political order are typically not the province of
 (pp. 187-191)
Interview with Dr. Julie A. George, City University of New York


“Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
A Legal Appraisal” by Tim Potier
 (pp. 192-195)
Review by Lala Jumayeva

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