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Was Kosovo’s Split-off Legitimate? Background, Meaning and Implications of the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion
Commentary by Heiko Krueger
From Vol. 4 (3) – Summer 2010
Ukraine: A Challenge for U.S., EU & NATO Regional Policy
Commentary by Tamerlan Vahabov
From Vol. 4 (3) – Summer 2010
New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus
Commentary by Fareed Shafee
From Vol. 4 (2) – Spring 2010
The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Twenty Years of Reform

Commentary by Aleksandr Shkolnikov & Anna Nadgrodkiewicz

From Vol. 4 (1) – Winter 2010

Kazan: The Religiously Undivided Frontier City
Commentary by Matthew Derrick
From Vol. 4 (1) – Winter 2010
Between NATO & Russia: Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Crossroads Revisited
Commentary by Mykola Kapitonenko
From Vol. 3 (4) – Autumn 2009
The Merging of Russia’s Regions as Applied Nationality Policy: A Suggested Rationale
Commentary by Matthew Derrick
From Vol. 3 (3) – Summer 2009
Split in the Russian Political Tandem Putin-Medvedev?
Commentary by Eberhard Schneider
From Vol. 3 (2) – Spring 2009
Georgia & Russia: The “Unknown” Prelude to the “Five Day War”
Commentary by Martin Malek
From Vol. 3 (2) – Spring 2009
The End of the Frozen Cold War?
Commentary by Vladimer Papava
From Vol. 3 (1) – Winter 2009
The Kosovo precedent - Applicable in Many Parts of the World, But Not Directly in the South Caucasus
Commentary by Dominik Tolksdorf
From Vol. 3 (1) – Winter 2009
The Kosovo Precedent - Directly Applicable to Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Commentary by Sebastian Schaeffer
From Vol. 3 (1) – Winter 2009
Turkish AK Party’s Central Asia and Caucasus Policies: Critiques and Suggestions
Commentary by Ertan Efegil
From Vol. 2 (3) – Summer 2008
The New Face of Central Asia
Commentary by Amb.(ret.) Michael W. Cotter
From Vol. 2 (2) – Spring 2008
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