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Vol. 4 (3) - Summer 2010

Vol. 4 (2) - Spring 2010

Vol. 4 (1) - Winter 2010

Vol. 3 (4) - Autumn 2009

Vol. 3 (3) - Summer 2009

Vol. 3 (2) - Spring 2009

Vol. 3 (1) - Winter 2009

Vol. 2 (4) - Autumn 2008

Vol. 2 (3) - Summer 2008

Vol. 2 (2) - Spring 2008

Vol. 2 (1) - Winter 2008

Vol. 1 (1) - Winter 2006

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  Vol. 4 (3) - Summer 2010                 Download Full Issue

EU Democracy Promotion through Conditionality in its Neighbourhood: The Temptation of Membership Perspective or Flexible Integration? by Janine Reinhard
EU Engagement in Conflict Resolution in Georgia: Towards a More Proactive Role by Mehmet Bardakı
Religion and its Importance in International Politics: A Case Study of 2008 Russian-Georgian War by Ines-Jacqueline Werkner
From Racketeer to Emir: A Political Portrait of Doku Umarov, Russia’s Most Wanted Man by Kevin Daniel Leahy
The Crisis of Gazprom as the Crisis of Russia’s “Energy Super-State” Policy towards Europe and the Former Soviet Union by Andrey Kazantsev
Eurasian Bargaining, Agriculture, and the Doha Round by Sarita Jackson
Was Kosovo’s Split-off Legitimate? Background, Meaning and Implications of the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion by Heiko Krueger
Ukraine: A Challenge for U.S., EU & NATO Regional Policy by Tamerlan Vahabov
“It’s in Georgia’s Interest to be Friendly with Russia” by Alexander Rondeli
“Russia Puts Comparatively Little Effort into Using Soft Power in the South Caucasus” by Timothy Blauvelt

  Vol. 4 (2) - Spring 2010                 Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief
Russian Energy Politics and the EU: How to Change the Paradigm by Vladimer Papava & Michael Tokmazishvili
Authoritarianism and Foreign Policy: The Twin Pillars of Resurgent Russia by Luke Chambers'
The Georgia Crisis: A New Cold War on the Horizon? by Houman A. Sadri & Nathan L. Burns
Enforceability of a Common Energy Supply Security Policy in the EU: Intergovernmentalist Assesement by Eda Kusku
“Assembling” a Civic Nation in Kazakhstan: The Nation-Building Role of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan by Nathan Paul Jones
Climbing the Mountain of Languages: Language Learning in Georgia by Hans Gutbrod and Malte Viefhues, CRRC
New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus by Fareed Shafee
“Dramatic changes in the political order are typically not the province of democracies” Interview with Dr. Julie A. George, City University of New York
“Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. A Legal Appraisal” by Tim Potier Review by Lala Jumayeva

  Vol. 4 (1) - Winter 2010                 Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief
Russia’s Pragmatic Reimperialization by Janusz Bugajski 
Puzzles of State Transformation: The Case of Armenia and Georgia by Nicole Gallina
Russia’s National Security Strategy to 2020: A Great Power in the Making? by Sophia Dimitrakopoulou & Andrew Liaropoulos 
International Language Rights Norms in the Dispute over Latinization Reform in the Republic of Tatarstan by Dilyara Suleymanova
European Foreign Policy after Lisbon: Strengthening the EU as an International Actor by Kateryna Koehler
The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Twenty Years of Reform by Aleksandr Shkolnikov & Anna Nadgrodkiewicz
Kazan: The Religiously Undivided Frontier City by Matthew Derrick
“The Current Trend of the Kremlin is to Rather Formally Distance itself from the North Caucasus” Interview with Dr. Emil Souleimanov, Charles University, Prague, Czechia
“The Guns of August 2008: Russia’s War in Georgia”, edited by Svante E. Cornell and Frederick Starr Review by Till Bruckner
“The Caucasus: An Introduction” by Frederik Coene Review by Alexander Jackson
“When Empire Meets Nationalism. Power Politics in the US and Russia” by Didier Chaudet, Florent Parmentier & Benot Pelopidas Review by Samuel Lussac


  Vol. 3 (4) - Autumn 2009                 Download Full Issue

Note From The Editor-In-Chief
Alternative Dispute Resolution in the North Caucasusby Rene Gendron
The Implications of the 1993 U.N. Security Council Action for the Settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict by Rovshan Sadigbayli
Political Economy of Old-Age Pension Reforms in Georgia by Alexi Gugushvili
Corruption in Russia: A Model Exploring its Economic Costs by Michael P. Barry
Experiments in Soft Balancing: China- led Multilateralism in Africa and the Arab World by Nicola P. Contessi
Between NATO & Russia: Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Crossroads Revisited by Mykola Kapitonenko
“An Endless War: The Russian-Chechen Conflict in Perspective” by Emil Souleimanov Review by Martin Malek
“Armenia & Georgia: Corruption, the State, and Change” Interview with Dr. Christoph H. Stefes, University of Colorado Denver, US
“If Turkish-Armenian Border Reopens, Georgia Will Become Less Important” Interview with Dr. Hans Gutbrod and Koba Turmanidze, Caucasus Research Resource Centers, Tbilisi, Georgia

  Vol. 3 (3) - Summer 2009                 Download Full Issue

Note From The Editor-In-Chief
Georgia & Russia: Contradictory Media Coverage of the August War by Hans-Georg Heinrich & Kirill Tanaev
Georgia and the Systemic Impact of the Financial Crisis by Marco Giuli
Russia, EU, NATO and the Strengthening of the CSTO in Central Asia by Irina Ionela Pop
Turkey: Regional Elections and the Kurdish Question by Eddy Ekrem Gzeldere
Poverty Reduction Through Private Sector Development in Georgia: Policy, Practice and Perspectives by Vladimer Papava
The Merging of Russia’s Regions as Applied Nationality Policy: A Suggested Rationale by Matthew Derrick
“China’s Energy Geopolitics: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Central Asia” by Thrassy N. Marketos Review by Jan Knzl
“Widespread discontent in Russia may well lead to further resentment towards groups of Caucasian origin” Interview with Katerina Strani, Researcher, Greek Parliament

  Vol. 3 (2) - Spring 2009                    Download Full Issuezz

Note From The Editor-In-Chief
Implications of Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia for International Law: The Conduct of the Community of States in Current Secession Conflicts by Heiko Krueger
The European Union’s Eastern Partnership: Chances and Perspectives by Marcin Łapczyński
Democratic Transition in Georgia: Post-Rose Revolution Internal Pressures on Leadership by Jesse David Tatum
Decision-Making and Georgia’s Perpetual Revolution: The Case of IDP Housing by Till Bruckner
Victimisation of Female Suicide Bombers: The Case of Chechnya by Nino Kemoklidze
Dutch Disease in Uzbekistan? A Computable General Equilibrium Model of Effects of Foreign Investment into Uzbekistan's Gas Sector by Michael P. Barry
How the West Was Won: China’s Expansion into Central Asia by Henryk Szadziewski
Split in the Russian Political Tandem Putin-Medvedev? by Eberhard Schneider
Georgia & Russia: The “Unknown” Prelude to the “Five Day War” by Martin Malek
“Handbook of International Humanitarian Law” by Dieter Fleck Review by Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont
“Federalization Remains the Best Way for Georgia to Avoid Outbreaks of Further Internal Disputes” Interview with Prof. George Hewitt, London School of Oriental & African Studies, UK

  Vol. 3 (1) - Winter 2009                    Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief
Eastern Caspian Sea Energy Geopolitics: A Litmus Test for the U.S. – Russia – China Struggle for the Geostrategic Control of Eurasia by Thrassy Marketos
Battle of Two Logics: Appropriateness and Consequentiality in Russian Interventions in Georgia by Robert Nalbandov
Resolving Post-Soviet “Frozen Conflicts”: Is Regional Integration Helpful? by Mykola Kapitonenko
Diaspora Design versus Homeland Realities: Case Study of Armenian Diaspora by Bahar Baser & Ashok Swain
Competing Islamic Traditions in the Caucasus by Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach
Globalization and National Competitiveness of Georgia by George Ivaniashvili-Orbeliani
External Powers’ Influence upon the Reform and Political Elites in Present Kyrgyzstan by Irina Morozova
The End of the Frozen Cold War? by Vladimer Papava
The Kosovo precedent - Applicable in Many Parts of the World, But Not Directly in the South Caucasus by Dominik Tolksdorf
The Kosovo Precedent - Directly Applicable to Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Sebastian Schaeffer
(“The Central Caucasus - Problems of Geopolitical Economy” by Eldar Ismailov & Vladimer Papava) by Jan Kuenzl
(“Ali and Nino” by Kurban Said) by Nurangiz Khodzharova
“There has never been an unbiased Russian mediation in South Caucasian conflicts” Interview with Martin Malek, National Defense Academy, Austria

  Vol. 2 (4) - Autumn 2008                    Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief
The Russian Invasion of Georgia –its Impact on Israel and the Middle East, by Robert O. Freedman
The 1992-93 Georgia-Abkhazia War: A Forgotten Conflict, by Alexandros Petersen
Inspired from Abroad: The External Sources of Separatism in Azerbaijan, by Fareed Shafee
The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railroad and its Geopolitical Implications for the South Caucasus, by Samuel Lussac
The EU’s Neighborhood Policy and the South Caucasus: Unfolding New Patterns of Cooperation, by Licnia Simo and Maria Raquel Freire
Normative Suasion and Political Change in Central Asia, by Alexander Warkotsch
“Georgia could become a NATO member, only if it accepted Russia's takeover of Abkhazia and South Ossetia”, Interview with Cory Welt, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
“The Caucasus needs a rest after the war” Interview with Alexander Rahr, German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin
(“The Ghost of Freedom - A History of the Caucasus” by Charles King), Book Review by Jan Knzl
(“The Peasant Venture: Tradition Migration, and Change among Georgian Peasants in Turkey” by Paul J. Magnarella), Book Review by Aaron Elrich


Vol. 2 (3) - Summer 2008                    Download Full Issue

Identities, Interests and the Resolution of the Abkhaz Conflict, by Ondrej Ditrych
Nabucco Pipeline and the Turkmenistan Conundrum, by Marco Giuli
Geopolitics of Central Asia in the Context of the Iranian Factor, by Guli Yuldasheva
Instability in the New Imperial Periphery: A Conceptual Perspective of the “Turbulent Frontiers” in the Caucasus and Central Asia, by Khatchik Der Ghoukassian
The Shadow of Past Rivalry: Limits of Post-1999 Dynamism in Greco-Turkish Relations, by Eda Kuşku
Turkish AK Party’s Central Asia and Caucasus Policies: Critiques and Suggestions Comment, by Ertan Efegil
“Soft annexation of Abkhazia is the greatest legacy of Putin to his successor”
Interview with Thomas de Waal, Institute of War & Peace Reporting in London


Vol. 2 (2) - Spring 2008                    Download Full Issue

Corridor of Power: The Caucasus and Energy Securityby Tracey C. German
Governance, the State, and Systemic Corruption: Armenia and Georgia in Comparison, by Christoph H. Stefes
Fluid Party Politics and the Challenge for Democracy Assistance in Georgia, by Max Bader
US Missile Defense Shield and Russia: Second Cold War as a Farce, by Rashad Shirinov
Licensing Afghanistan’s opium: solution or fallacy?, by Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
The New Face of Central AsiaA Comment by Ambassador (ret.) Michael W. Cotter


Vol. 2 (1) - Winter 2008                    Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief
The Three Colors of War: Russian, Turkish, and Iranian Military Threat to the South Caucasus, by Lasha Tchantouridze
Nagorno-Karabakh: basis and reality of Soviet-era legal and economic claims used to justify the Armenia-Azerbaijan war, by Adil Baguirov
Russia, Iran, and the Conflict in Chechnya, by Martin Malek
Iran’s Strategy in the South Caucasus, by Kaweh Sadegh-Zadeh
The Russian Defense Reform and its Limitations, by Andrew Liaropoulos
NATO cooperation towards South Caucasus, by Alberto Priego
Interview with Kevin T. Ryan, Harvard University
Book Review, by Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont



Vol. 1 (1) - Winter 2006                    Download Full Issue

Coddling the Caucasus: Iran’s Strategic Relationship with Azerbaijan and Armenia, by Geoffrey Gresh
Legal Aspects of the Nagorno-Garabagh Conflict, by Mushfig Mammadov
The Galtung Triangle and Nagorno-Garabagh Conflict, by Taleh Ziyadov
Is Azerbaijan going to continue to get massive Inward Foreign Direct Investments?, by Emil Majidov
Thieves of the Law and the Rule of Law in Georgia, by Virginia Davis Nordin & Georgi Glonti
The Universities of Europe in the New Era, by Dimitris Michalopoulos
Ermənistan-Azərbaycan mnaqişəsinin hquqi aspektləri, Mşfiq Məmmədov
Vaşinqtonla Moskva arasında vurnuxan zbəkistan, Martin Malek

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